Mark 60 Series Pressure Regulator

Mark 60 Series Pressure Regulators

Self-Operated, Jordan Diaphragm

Mark 68G Series High Pressure Regulator

Mark 68G Series High Capacity Pressure Regulator

Globe, High Capacity, Accurate

Mark 608IS Series

Mark 608IS Series Gas Pressure Regulator

Gas, Low Pressure, Internal Sensing

Mark 75 Series Wafer Style Control Valve

Mark 75 Series Control Valve

Wafer Style, Motor Operated, Very Precise

Mark 75PTP Series Wafer Control Valve

Mark 75PTP Series Wafer Control Valve

Piston Operated with Smart Positioner

Mark 78 Series Pneumatic Control Valve

Mark 78 Series Pneumatic Control Valve

Globe Style, Accurate Performance

Mark 708 Fractional Flow Valve

Mark 708 Series Fractional Flow Control Valves

Precision Control, Fractional Flow Control Valve

JR Series High Pressure Regulating Valves

JR Series Pressure Regulating Valves

High Pressure / Low Flow Pressure Regulating Valves

JRH Series Pressure Regulators

JRH Series Pressure Regulators

Very High Pressure / Low Flow Pressure Regulator

JRPH Series Pressure Regulating Valves

JRPH/JRPL Series Pressure Regulating Valves

Piston Operated Pressure Regulating Valve

2000F Series Flanged Ball Valves

2000F Series Flanged Ball Valves

Class 150, Full Port Flanged Ball Valve

4700 Series Ball Valve

4700 Series Three Piece Ball Valve

2000 WOG rated, automated or manual

3LT2100FA Series Three Way Ball Valves

3L/T2100F-A Series Three Way Ball Valve

3-Way, Threaded or Welded Ends, Ball Valve

DTCS Disc Trap

DTCS Series Disc Trap

For plant steam drainage in a clean environment

DS12 Steam & Tracer Steam Trap

DS12 Series Steam Trap

Drain and tracer

Universal Trap

Universal Trap Series

Universal Connector Traps

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Utility valves are frequently used in the food and beverage industry. These types of valves do not directly come in contact with food and drink products. Instead, they regulate the supply of steam, water and other non-food and non-beverage materials that are essential to the preparation, packaging or transportation of food and beverages.