Piston Operated with Smart Positioner

The Mark 75PTP is a Mark 75 wafer style control valve with an 80mm stainless steel piston actuator. The Gemu cPOS smart positioner is standard and required for control applications. For on/off service, the valve may be supplied without a positioner. The JVCV should be used for sizing selection. The “T” slot design connection allows for quick and easy reversing of function – from reverse acting to direct acting (or vice versa).

Features & Benefits
  • Great capacity in a compact, wafer style body
  • 2″ Mark 75PTP provides 72 Cv (62 Kv)
  • JVCV should be used for sizing selection

Sizes: 1″ – 2″ (DN25 – DN50)

Body Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel

Max Pressure Drop: 125 psi (8,6 bar) with standard piston actuator and spring

Ranges: 1″: 12.7 – 14.7 psi (0,88 – 1,01 bar); 1-1/2″: 12.7 – 16.7 psi (0,88 – 1,15 bar); 2″: 12.7 – 19.1 PSI (0,88 – 1,32 bar)

Turndown Ratio: 100:1

Shutoff: ANSI Class IV tightness


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