Sanitary & Utility Valves

For the Food, Beverage, Personal Care & Other Hygienic Markets

Constant Pressure Modulating Valves for Hygienic Processing

The FB5CPM (inlet) and FB6CPM (outlet) are air loaded sanitary constant pressure modulating valves ideal for automating and maintaining constant pressure set points to fully open the valve for rinse, CIP, or SIP. The valve is preferred in HTST/UHT pasteurization, after heat exchangers, separator equipment and bottling lines.

Sanitary Safety Relief Valves

Steriflow Food & Beverage now offers a complete line of Sanitary Safety Relief Valves. They are ASME Section VIII compliant and created and designed in the United States. This line was created to relieve over-pressure in hygienic and aseptic process and clean utility systems.

Sanitary Safety Relief Valve Picture

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Featured Products

FB6C Series Sanitary Pressure Regulator

3A and FDA approved, EPDM or Jorlon Diaphragm, Sanitary Pressure Regulator

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FBCPM Series Sanitary Air Loaded Pressure & Back Pressure Regulator

Constant Pressure Modulating Valve for Hygienic Processing

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FBCV-OR Series Sanitary Control Valve

O-Ring Style Stem Seal, Sanitary Process Control Valves

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SSRV Series Sanitary Safety Relief Valves

ASME Section VIII compliant, Created and Designed in US

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What is a Constant Modulating Valve

Learn more about the FBCPM valve - the applications, benefits and size range. In addition to UHT and HTST applications, the CPM valve is an ideal choice for automating constant pressure set points in heat exchangers, separators, and CIP/SIP systems of filling processes.

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Learn more about the Constant Pressure Modulating Valve and how it can help you with your applications.

What is UHT and HTST Pasteurization

Learn more about UHT and HTST pasteurization and how our constant pressure modulating valves can help.

Jordan Diaphragm Warranty

Jorlon Diaphragm Warranty

Steriflow Food & Beverage warrants the Jorlon diaphragm for use on all of our 3A Food and Beverage pressure regulators and back pressure regulators.