Steriflow Food and Beverage, a division of Richards Industrials, warrants the Jorlon™ diaphragm for use on all of our 3A Food and Beverage PRV and BPRV regulators.

All are warranted for a lifetime¹ of use on all Culinary and Clean Utility, and gas² application at the operating pressures, temperatures and conditions as specified in each model’s data sheet.

1. A lifetime of use is defined as the period during which the warranted diaphragm resides in the original valve, and original installation. If the warranted valve is ever replaced or moved to a different installation, or is not used for a period of more than one year (not counting original Installation, Commissioning, Qualification and/or Validation period), the original diaphragm warranty is void.

2. Jorlon™ is an FDA (21CFR177, 1550) and USP <88> Class VI, USP <87>, ADI/TSE Free compliant PTFE and 3A approved material with excellent corrosion resistance. However, because of the wide variety of specialty gasses available today, Steriflow Food and Beverage warrants its use on the most commonly used Food and Beverage gasses such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Argon. It is not warranted without Steriflow Food and Beverage Engineering’s written approval on any other gas. Contact Steriflow Food and Beverage for details. The diaphragm warranty is void on these other gas applications without our express, written approval.


If the original JorlonTM diaphragm fails on any Steriflow Food and Beverage regulator at any time within the limitations stated above, Steriflow Food and Beverage will replace that diaphragm at no charge. This includes all certifications of compliance to FDA and 3A standards and any UPS Next Day expedited freight charges for the replacement diaphragm and associated documentation.


  • This warranty and associated remedy does not cover diaphragms that were damaged due to customer mishandling, misapplication or neglect.
  • Steriflow Food and Beverage reserves the right to inspect a failed diaphragm before the application of remedy, to determine cause of failure.
  • Steriflow Food and Beverage does not make provision to cover any other costs incurred as a result of diaphragm failure including (but not limited to) any labor, capital, operating costs, or lost profits due to a diaphragm failure.

This particular remedy is an addendum to the Steriflow Food and Beverage, a division of Richards Industrials’ standard commercial warranty, and terms and conditions. No other remedies apply.