Cast Body 2-Way Diaphragm Valve

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Product Overview

Manual or Pneumatically Actuated Cast Body 2-way Valves

Steriflow’s cast body 2-way valves offer an economical alternatives to forged body valves when customer process requirements or specifications allow. Steriflow’s manufacturing, assembling, documentation and valve traceability practices remain the same wether the valve is made from 316L cast or forged material.


Available sizes: 1-1/2″ – 4″ (DN40 – DN100)

Connection type: tri-clamp, extended tube end

Materials: cast 316L, ASTM A351 CF3M

Surface finish:

  • Wetted interior:
    – 32 Ra µin (0,81 Ra µm)
    – 32 Ra µin (0,81 µm) electropolish
  • Exterior: as cast, electropolished