Word Art Describing Food & Beverage Industries

Our product line includes both clean and utility products. Our clean side products include sanitary pressure regulators, steam traps, control valves, constant modulating valves, diaphragm valves, safety relief valves and many ancillary products. our utility products include industrial valves such as pressure regulators, control valves, gas regulators, steam traps and ball valves.

Steriflow Food & Beverage provides reliable sanitary valves and other products that can be trusted by all the food and beverage industries. We specialize in the needs of these industries, providing products used in various steam applications, including plant steam, filtered steam, clean steam and pure steam. We comply with industry requirements and most products hold the 3A Sanitary Certification.

Steriflow Food & Beverage is a division of Richards Industrials and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Richards Industrials is the parent company of several other industrial product lines: Jordan Valve – regulators and control valves; Steriflow Valve – sanitary regulators and control valves; LowFlow Valve – fractional flow valves; Marwin Valve – ball valves and automated products; Hex Valve – instrument valves and manifolds; Bestobell Steam Traps – steam traps and steam specialty equipment and Equilibar – fluid and pressure control products for complex process conditions.