FBCPM Series Sanitary Air Loaded Pressure and Back Pressure Regulators

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Product Overview

Constant Pressure Modulating Valves (CPM) for Hygienic Processing

The FB5CPM (inlet) and FB6CPM (outlet) are air loaded sanitary constant pressure modulating valves, designed to allow the user to change set-points remotely via a cabinet or panel mounted air regulator, or through a distributed control system or PLC, using an I-P transducer.

The CPM valve is an ideal choice for automating and maintaining constant pressure set points on the inlet side of the valve for control operations, whether they are process set points or points to fully open the valve for rinse, CIP or SIP. The valve is preferred in HTST/UHT Pasteurization, after Heat Exchangers, Separator equipment, bottling lines, etc.

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  • FB5CPM (inlet) valve automatically opens with increased flow
  • FB6CPM (outlet) valve automatically closes with increased flow
  • Compact lightweight design significantly reduces the installation space and weight if mounting the valve on a process skid
  • Permits full automation of Process, Rinse, CIP and SIP setpoints
  • Allows for constant pressure modulation when needed
  • Optimized Jorlon diaphragm material, surface area and support system for unsurpassed performance and life
  • Accessory I/P or self-relieving Air regulator available for automated, and/or remote set point control
  • 3A Certification 53-06
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PED Category 1 (Pressure Equipment Directive Logo)
ATEX (Group 11, Catgory 2 of Directive 2014/34/EU)
SEP Delcaration
FDA & USP Class VI Approvals